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Kevin Marchant
Pharmacy Manager
Kevin Marchant

Kevin comes to us from Beaver, UT where he was born and raised.  He and his family moved to the beautiful Utah Valley  after he received his Doctorate of Pharmacy from Touro University in Vallejo, California. Touro University is one of the top ranked schools of pharmacy in the state of California that focuses highly on the clinical aspects of pharmacy. During his years in California Kevin gained a great rapport from his professors as well as pioneered a new clinical rotation at the California State Medical Facility in Vacaville, CA which houses 2,300 high security inmates. Kevin is passionate about his role in pharmacy which has led him to create our Med ManageRx program that helps improve the lives of our patients. Kevin and his wife (Robyn) purchased Santaquin Pharmacy in 2018. In his free time Kevin loves to spend time with his family being outdoors and playing sports. 

Ryan Rosenbaum
Pharmacy Technician
Casha Bettis

Casha is our native 'Santaquinite' that was born and raised here in Santaquin.  Her desires and interests were leading her to be a radiology technician, but through encouragement from her mother (Carla Carter), who was a pharmacy technician for Dick Kay at the old Santaquin Pharmacy; Casha was steered into  the pharmacy world.  Casha's education began at  Mountainland Applied Technology College (MATC) where she received her pharmacy technician license. She has been a licensed pharmacy technician since 2013 and spent most of her first year working in the Diabetes Center.  She currently resides in Santaquin and loves riding horses, hunting, running hounds, camping, and most importantly spending time with her husband and family in her spare time. 

Casha Bettis
Tina Farnsworth
Tamara Snyder
Robyn Marchant
Amberle Hiatt
Ryan Craig
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